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Shawl-collar wrap dress AED 4,750
Embroidered tulle blouse AED 7,160
Lounge travel trouser AED 2,600
Fil coupe evening dress AED 15,930
Evening top AED 3,190
Long evening skirt AED 3,660
Bow blouse AED 2,060
Chain Link Belt AED 600
Stirrup riding legging AED 1,680
Tuxedo dress shirt AED 1,790
Embroidered tulle cocktail dress AED 12,740
Tux shirting dress AED 3,340
Embroidered tulle skirt AED 10,130
Embroidered Tulle Polo Neck AED 4,910
Evening Pleat Trouser AED 2,990
Stretch Tulle Body AED 1,490
Ruffle Coat AED 13,940
Leather Corset AED 3,680
Elasticated Leather Pleat Trouser AED 5,380
Asymmetric Shoulder Evening Dress AED 12,950
Evening Wrap Dress AED 7,970
Shawl-collar jacket AED 5,640
Embellished Gathered Skirt AED 6,470
Corseted Cocktail Dress AED 6,500
Ruched-embellished Evening Dress w/ Feathers AED 25,000
Triple-stitched Denim Jacket AED 1,830
Denim Belted Skirt AED 1,400
Round-toe Heeled Shoe AED 2,700
Tulle Corset AED 2,190
Matt Leather Snap-Fastening Belt AED 600