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‘LA PAUSE’- Dubai, June 2019.

The story takes place in the south of France: Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. It’s summertime in the early 30’s, on a hill with Monaco in the background. Roccabruna-Capo Martino as the Italians say, a beau-tiful and peaceful place where light devours the space and where the most creative of people used to come together to unwind: the riviera at its finest.

The famous architect Eileen Gray’s major work on the villa E1027 in Roquebrune – Cap Martin was a main inspiration: it’s flat roof, it’s floor to ceiling windows, the architecture and decoration… eve-rything there blended perfectly to be in adequacy with the lifestyle of its intended occupants, to create a place, a home away from home, where one can recharge, be in a state of pause, find and refresh creativity.

The 2020 Resort collection is named “La Pausa” to evoke the feelings you get when on holiday. When your soul can take a rest and you can see things more clearly. As if time was suspended and you were seeing your life, a situation or a dress from a distance. The use of mostly natural fibers such as pure cottons, silks, linens give a comfortable and soft feel that reminds us of summertime’ simplicity and lightness: light tropical wool, mohair silk, coated raw linen, or rustic tailoring canvas, as a way to reconnect with our true self and mind. The color palette recalls dry rocks and stones and vegetation burned by the sun. Off-neutral colors are combined with touches of bright as if symbolizing opposite, contrasted feelings and emotions.

“La Pausa” is about recreating and reshaping the familiar as it should be ideally. There is always the constant need to create something new, all the time. Fashion has no rules. By experimenting con-trast, the elements of the collection are tailored to suit the different moods and feelings of today’s woman.

This collection was also inspired by some great personalities of our times. The vibrant energy of the passionate couple Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg and the incredible life and journey of Freddie Mercury: a creative genius who believed in himself, always being loyal to his creative vision with-out making any compromise on aesthetic, that’s what this collection is about.

“A collection for me is always a reflection of my mood and my inspiration a specific time and mo-ment. In this collection, you will find a lot of dresses, a dress for each part of the day. It is some-thing that I love to wear and to create, especially for resort and summer season. Dresses are and always have been a big part of the brand’s identity. Effortless femininity is something that I have incorporated in this collection. This collection is easy to wear, easy to combine and easy to enjoy during those well-deserved holidays.” - Kristina Fidelskaya.